Joe’s Pub means in slang: Joe’s Public, also known as The Public Theater of NYC This name is after Joe Papp who was the founder of The Public Theater. It’s a worldwide renowned American theatre that has been a place for all kinds of art and audiences. Also, it is one of NYC’s oldest avant-garde theaters. Joe’s Pub, at The Public Theater was inaugurated in October 1998. It quickly rose to prominence as one of New York City’s top venues for live performance and music. Joe’s Pub’s stage is a platform for showcasing a wide range of talented artists. Joseph Papp founded The Shakespeare Workshop, an American theatre that is now one of America’s most prestigious cultural institutions. The Public Theater creates new plays and musicals by bringing together all of America’s rhythms and cultures. Its headquarters are located on Lafayette Street, the former Astor Library, where the world premiere production of Hair was performed. The Delacorte Theater houses its summertime free Shakespeare performances in Central Park. Joe’s Pub is the Public’s latest performance venue. It has been a popular place for musicians and spoken-word performers, as well as intimate performances. “. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Ayaan Harper)