Joe’s Hoes means in slang: Joe’s Hoes, a place where prostitution is very active is known. Joe runs Joe’s Hoes. Joe’s Hoes lives by the slogan “You got dough, we got the hoe”, and values hard work. Joe’s has 6 levels of rank: Joe:Has full control of the house, and also hoes it. Joe’s Co-Joe helps him maintain the paperwork for the hoes as well as the clients The hoe every hoe dreams to be: The Main Hoe Side Hoe is your “****** on street” everyday hoe -**********: A low rank at which only Joseph’s Wores can be placed. Toilet cleaner: This is where “Started from the Bottom Now We’re Here” was born. Joe’s Hoes employs loving, trained employees. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Gwendolyn Campos)