Joemer means in slang: Joemer is someone who doesn’t fear to express their feelings. Joemer is often very sexual, independent, flirty and down to earth, even when you try to get along with their negative side. Joemer loves someone unconditionally and cares deeply about them. He is willing to listen and offer advice based on his personal experiences. Joemer is a unique individual with a completely different mindset than you would find anywhere else. Joemer is a mature man. His words and actions are often a reflection of his maturity. Joemer will fight for the things he believes in and won’t quit until he achieves them. He is not a giver. Joemer will take a thousand years to find someone with whom he can see himself. He may have some issues with his attitude, or ALOT of anger. However, he is always positive. Joemer is also very intelligent, according to me. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Labyrinth)