Joella Rashiel Ferrer means in slang: You will never meet someone more admirable than her. Her beauty is uncanny. She’s an amazing lighthouse, you know that. Even in your darkest hour, she will never let you down. You can count on her to be there for you, to support and encourage you. You’ll feel confident and secure, but you’ll also find her inspiring you to do better. She is a loving, generous person who loves her loved ones. She is like a sanctuary or safe haven. You will be able to smile, laugh and feel more at ease with her. She is independent and kinda introverted. But she’s also responsible, caring, compassionate, and truly remarkable. I remember fondly the late night talks and deep conversations we shared back then. Even with the parts I’m still curious about and her imperfections, she is beautiful in her entirety. She is more than just pretty on the outside. I mean she has a deep inner beauty and is the best version of herself. She is witty and shy, but she also has her flaws. Her personality is what I love about her. I can only guarantee you that you will feel the same way if you have the chance to spend time with her. She is the best. She is the best. You don’t know where you might be in the universe, but if you do you can trust me. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Cole Fuentes)