Joel Stooks means in slang: Joel Stooks is the UK’s largest man. Being with him will blow your mind and cause shockwaves to your stomach. Joel Stooks can hang like a donkey, although it might seem like physical ****. His Alpha male nature means that he is able to scout for his meals and shag all the girls in South Florida. Soon Joel will be Mr. Worldwide. Joel Stooks currently has 243,069 body counts and intends to continue shagging until his death. Joel Stooks, being a natural Alpha, doesn’t enjoy the presenses of other men. If Joel sees you, your dun done and he will end the threat. Joel Stook will not accept no and may even cause death to those who reject him. Joel Spooks has the ability to be a bread-and-butter alpha. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Peyton Robinson)