joeheathcote means in slang: Also known as the “Chickenslayer”, and “Chickenman”. Joeheathcote, an Oni Demon is a Japanese folklore character from the Kamakura Period 1185-1333. After a Japanese trader claimed to have smashed the *** that contained his essence sometime in the 14th Century, a lost soul wanders Yorkshire streets, England. Numerous sightings of him have been reported, dating back to the time he was first discovered in the Japanese wild. If you were to come across this spirit, it would be obvious as soon as you see his trademark phrases like “why would I salt an eggplant”, “sooo”, HHAHAH”, “niegroied HHAHAH”, “**-i”, “ohhhh makes more sense that i ** not so”, and “do u”. These phrases have a meaning that is lost to time, however they can still haunt those unfortunate enough to hear them. He claims that anyone who crosses his path will be held in place and forced to listen in on his chaotic ramblings and the mysterious, high-pitched buzzing coming from his lips until he becomes tired. Joeheathcote can be encountered on your travels. It is important not to panic. The easiest way to get rid of him is to smile and nod while pretending to understand his words. This will undoubtedly make him go away faster. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Moisés Torres)