Joehan means in slang: Joehan Jow Han is a name that is used for men only. However, some people mistakenly believe this name to be for women. It’s not true. Joehan Jow Han is similar to Johan Yohan, which can be translated as grace. However you won’t discover the true meaning of the name online. Keep in mind that JOEHAN may be similar to JOHAN, but it is not. Also, this name is rare and unique. Joehan was only one of the few names in this universe. personality: He has two personalities Loyal to someone you trust He doesn’t care about people’s bad or good comments He has an imaginative and strong mind. Lazy and moody Has a shallow love but deep feelings He doesn’t like people who make comparisons with him He loves his family, even when they don’t know him. You will have his love and goodness forever. But if you lose him, your value to him will disappear. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Cleofás Mora)