joeann means in slang: Name means grace. However, she is also a person who has an incredible sense of humor and intelligence. She’s loved by most people who have the opportunity to meet her. She is not patient and can be a bit finicky. Don’t be fooled by her. She’s a hard worker and will take much, but she will dish out the good stuff once she’s finished taking. She won’t tolerate ignorance, and she will make quick work of you if it is necessary. You will feel like you own the ground she walks on. She exudes confidence and will make you believe you are in control. Men should not be involved in relationships with her. You will never see her again. You will meet the most kind and caring woman you’ll ever know. She has a huge heart and sometimes doesn’t know what to do. Her beauty is beautiful from the inside out. Her heart is big underneath her slender figure. Don’t let a Joe go if you are in love. You never know, she might leave. Never break her heart. She can be fragile. She is not interested in play fighting. Joes are the most generous huggers, and you feel safe in their arms. To know that she’s the right one, you don’t even have to meet her. Sometimes, she is unsure of herself. She knows what she wants, and pursues it. Although it is difficult to understand her thoughts, she is not afraid to speak them. Protects those she loves. She will do amazing things with her life. She could even make a difference in the world. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Mia Mcneil)