joe45 means in slang: An unhappy, depressed, insecure, self-pitying, unachievable, socially inept and sheltered. He is also ignorant, but determined, persistent, desperate, and determined. His sole purpose is to meet a beautiful girl who will accept him as he is. He got herpes from his “service provider”. He has received an education at a handful of schools that no one outside of his area has ever heard about. He’s been chucked, fucked, and even got raped. But he’s persistent. He will visit the bus stop, the library, the dating websites, and the streets like his life depends on it. He gets emails and numbers by the hundreds, but they never last. He perseveres through all of it. He receives invaluable information from others via the internet, which increases his power and allows him to continue his journey. Everybody has a joe45. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Eugene Andersen)