Joe Schofield means in slang: The perfect man. He is the most famous, outgoing, hilarious, and **** person you will ever meet. He is the most caring and sweetest man you’ll ever meet. He has a huge heart and sometimes doesn’t know what to do. His beauty is both inside and outside. His heart is big underneath the ruggid appearance. Don’t let a Joe go if you are in love. He might never come back. Never break his heart. He’s too fragile. He is not interested in playing fighting. Josephs are the most generous huggers. You know that you’re safe in his arms. He is someone you can meet without even meeting him. Sometimes, he is not sure of himself. He knows what he wants, and he pursues it. Although it is difficult to understand his thoughts, he is not afraid of sharing them. He protects those he loves. He will do amazing things with his whole life. He may even make a difference in the world. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Lilyana Hamilton)