Joe McCarthy means in slang: The U.S. is a child-molesting, gay and boozing nation. A Senator who oversaw a Communist witch hunt in the 1950s that destroyed many lives and left many people behind. McCarthy considered anyone who left Hitler a communist. If your brother’s best friend’s cousin went to a Communist meeting during the 1930s with her roomate, it is likely that you would be accused of being Soviet spy. You would then have to say goodbye to your job. Republicans tried to revive this deplorable man and make him a hero for saving us from communism’s tide. Although historical revisionionism is popular among the GOP, the truth is that most of Senator McCarthy’s intelligence was only based on his vivid imagination, half-truths, or gossip. J. Edgar Hoover even told him that he had made up numbers for his infamous “intelligence” list, which forced the FBI to give them an accounting. His office was an FBI front and he employed so many ex FBI agents to his staff, it became known as the “little FBI”. Joe made wild claims of a massive communist conspiracy to subvert America. However, the Bureau’s third-in-command admitted that there was not enough evidence to support his assertions. However, Joe continued to be reckless and absurd in his claims. Even attacking President Eisenhower, he began to attack the Army. Hoover was scared away by this and McCarthy’s FBI stop helping him. This set the stage for McCarthy’s downfall. He was the fourth senator to be fired by the U.S. Senate in American history, and he died December 1954. In May 1957, he died from alcoholism. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Olive Clark)