Joe Bober means in slang: Joe Bober, a Yahoo Answers troll who has formed a group called The Army Of Bober and The Childern Of The KoIan. His “Army”, he and others terrorize the Hunting Page, much like Man Egg. Got KoIan created The Children Of The KoIan, which later merged with The Army Of Bober. Joe Bober has a handful of good men in his army: Got KoIan? Joe Bober Get Word Out master gerbil Joe Bober’s Reloaded The One who Isn’t Saliva Man Nurturing Gardens Bill Callahan is Poop Chuck Norris The One Who Is Brian Patsfan546 Please Note: These are all their user names. The ExcIaete Lead Voices Dude has left the group. He was one of Bober’s most important men. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Prince Burnett)