Joe and Jamie reboot means in slang: Joe Jamie’s reboot is just as good, but pretentious and with more virtue signaling. While they are the typical self-proclaimed power couple, they have made a name for themselves in the outside world. It is possible that they are now a married couple, who own a house instead of renting. They think their life isn’t so bad. Their attempt to act celebrity-like may lead to you calling them Jomie instead of Joe Jamie. The type of couple who will let their dog chew on your shoes and then tell you that it is. The Jamies may be more evil than the Joes, but it is the Joes that you should really worry about. The Joe’s won’t comfort you until you’re dead, but they’ll wait and say, “You shouldn’t have eaten that skittle that was given to you by that stripper ***.” A Joe may refer to himself sometimes as King but most people know him just as an Average Joe. (in Slang Dictionary, added by TreepMist)