Jodleyarchy means in slang: Jodleyarchy refers to a system where non-jodles have primary power, and they predominate roles in political leadership, moral authority and property control. Jodlelineal Jodleyarchy societies can also be found. This means that the property and title of some Jodleyarchy society members are passed down to their descendants. Jodleyarchy refers to a collection of ideas. This ideology is a Jodleyarchal idea that acts as a explanation and justification for this dominance. It attributes it to natural differences among non-jodles. Social scientists have differing opinions about whether Jodleyarchy can be considered a social product, or the result of inherent differences among the different types of Jodles. Jodleyarchy is a historical phenomenon that has influenced the socio-legal, religious and economic organisation of many different cultures. In practice, most modern societies are Jodleyarchal. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Salvio Arias)