Jodine means in slang: Jodine, a living miracle, is the best thing about the room. She is God’s gift for the Earth. To ensure that her emotions are well spent, she is slow to trust. She is intelligent, charming, independent and strong. Her beauty is intoxicating. You should not look at her too much as she will seduce you and make you feel utterly overwhelmed by her beauty. You will find her a good listener, and she will encourage you to be a better person and strengthen every value you cherish. Although she is very demanding, it is not because she isn’t satisfied with the way she is treated. She is a great friend and can give you wonderful, insightful advice. She will always do the right thing for you, and she is a great friend. Jodine is a great friend. She is a great girlfriend. Her beauty is unmatched. You won’t find her arguing with you, but she would rather have productive conversations. Although she is somewhat of a snob, it is due to her love for humility. You can accomplish anything she can, but it will be even better. Jodine is the perfect partner for you. A Samuel is the most compatible for her. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Callum Lowe)