Jodeka means in slang: Jodeka is one of the most charming and sweetest people I know. These Sagittarius people are super caring and social. Although they are open to everyone, their social circle is very small and allows them to only communicate with the most important people in their lives. It is essential to match her energy and vibe in order to be her friend. Although they may appear a bit stoic and cold, once you get to know them better, you’ll find that they are the most fun people. Jodeka has an easygoing personality. She loves to laugh with people that make her feel happy and loved. Jodeka hates lying people and is able to tell the difference. DON’T TELL THEM HATES LIES! If you are suspicious of something or if they find something that is not right about you, they will tell the truth. Jodekas can be very wild and will not like people they dislike. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Philip Houston)