jocqueline means in slang: This curvy, hott girl is very attractive. She doesn’t like going out with men because she is self-confident and proud and knows that not all guys are good enough. This is not the case for most girls, who may have had five boyfriends within three months. A girl of this surname is known for her fashion sensibility and unique features. Most girls from this family could become models. They are very seductive and can look inappropriate at first, but they enjoy having fun and laughing. Jocqueline is a rare and wonderful creature. It is extremely rare. These guys are very independent. Although it might seem like they don’t get much attention, they actually put off an ora. This signals to men that they’re not going to play and it isn’t easy. That’s when most guys retreat. Jocqueline is not like other girls. She likes sports and man things but also has a feminine side when she wants to. These beautiful creatures are very difficult to find. If you do, start hunting. You’re sure to have a great time once they recognize you. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Benedicto Mora)