Jock Wigga means in slang: Definition= Jock with a ridiculous ego who believes the whole world revolves around his beautiful and stupid cheerleader girlfriend. In some circles, he can act just like a Wigga and Wangta. They are easy to identify by the way they address others Jocks, wiggas or black people. The Jock Wigga is also easily identified because they love hip-hop and claim to be from the ghetto. However, in real life, they live with their parents in a 3 bedroom house and wear clothes from Hollister and American Eagle. They can be found wherever they are Answer: They are most often found at high school in cities, where they feed on black men and other people with high social standing. They may be found at fairs and city malls. They are easy to avoid Answer: You can’t if one approaches and starts using scene kid language. EX:Whats Up Niggs? You’re going to the show on Saturday. Its gonna be HXC. They will instantly assume you are part of their crew, and they will quickly be confused. They will probably not deal with you again. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Konner Terrell)