Jock means: A middle-school or high-school athlete who is attracted to “popular” girls and uses their power as a bully. (in Community Dictionary, added by Salvador Aguilar)

What else does Jock mean?

  • British slang used to describe a Scottish citizen. (in Community Dictionary, added by Patience Downs)
  • They are often the most vile people in school. They are loved by most teachers. You’d get raped if they got into trouble. Hot ditsy girls often go after them and make noise. Jocks also yell and make loud noises. Sometimes, you are pushed around by jocks, but eventually they will let you go when they play football or wrestle in high school. I then step outside to find my lawn freshly mown and that same jock, who used to be an asshole, is telling me “Good morning Sir” and putting the lawn mower back on his truck. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kiana Woodward)
  • An athlete who has a big brain but a tiny head. A arrogant, sexist jerk who makes everyone feel small. As well as cheerleaders and teammates, likes to be bone. Although he is popular at high school, he doesn’t do well after graduating. Either works in fast food or drinks for a living. This is the epitome of a loser. (in Community Dictionary, added by Acacio Medina)
  • The most disliked and loved clique in High School College is the Jocks. To make a long story brief, jocks are high-performing athletes who believe their skills will allow them to excel in real life. In reality, however, they often end up working as a car dealer or bagging groceries. Because they are “Emo”, Rap is all that Jocks listen to. (in Community Dictionary, added by Skylar Walsh)
  • Someone who contributes very little to the society. Coward is a person who picks on the smaller or nerdier than himself. See: Coward They play football, or other sports that will likely not benefit them long-term. ____________Note Below_______________ JOCKS SHOULD NOT BE CONFUSED w/ REAL Athletes. Athletes who are truly dedicated to their sport strive for excellence. These sports are not for everyone, and many Jocks will never be able to do them right. These slobbery-minded jerks spend their time doing trivialities only to discover that they won’t be relevant in the future. They can replace their lack of talent and intelligence with good social skills. But that will not make a difference in the long-term. The majority of Jocks’ time is spent online, despite popular belief. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fulgencio Méndez)
  • Let’s be clear: there are major differences between jocks and athletes. The jocks are more likely to misuse their fame, while athletes have no problem talking to and hanging out with anyone. (in Community Dictionary, added by Devyn Estes)
  • A supporter of athletics. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • A school-based athlete. (in AZ Dictionary)