Jobe Jobe means in slang: Jobe: Who are you? Jobe Jobe was an unknown man who created the universe. If you don’t pay $200 upfront, it is a sin to inquire about his origin. You don’t need to know. You need only follow our commands. Big Bois are the name given to children of the Jobe Jobe Cult. My bestie, and I are high priestesses in the Jobe Jobe chapel. Depending on where they are located, chapels may practice different things. These include those who are believers in the Soviet Jobe and South American Jobe. Many come in different varieties, such as Jolly Ranchers. It’s kinda like people who believe in Jesus Christ and other things. While cultures may have different views on Jobe, we share many of the same principles and commandments. Jobe Jobe, our true God, is the only one. Jobe Jobe was the one who created all things. Jobe Jobe also invented wet fart to make it easier for us to bully sixth graders. Amen. Unironically- Jobe is a random, ******* child who has no clue that some piss-kink, diarrhea-dribbling, idiots have made a religion of themselves nd worshipped them for many years. We are proud and dumb. (in Slang Dictionary, added by Yair Hinton)