Joanah means in slang: She is outgoing and fun, as well as social. Although she is outspoken and self-confident, her judgments can sometimes be a bit harsh. She is driven by her desire to succeed and studies hard, sometimes overworking herself for academic validation. Joanah enjoys luxury and is able to pull off any task. While she prefers comfort and familiarity, Joanah loves adventure and is open to new experiences. Arts and poetry are her passions. She also enjoys period dramas and literature. A well-rounded young woman who likes money. Although she can be very mean and closed-off, her inner self is soft. She has great compassion for family and friends, as well as strangers. It’s enough to be attentive to her at times to see that she isn’t so terrible after all. She’s the girl to watch. Did I mention she is absolutely gorgeous? (in Slang Dictionary, added by Cheyenne Snow)