Jigglypuff means: Because it is so full of honkers, a Pokemon commonly called jiggly tails. (in Community Dictionary, added by Román Delgado)

What else does Jigglypuff mean?

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  • “Balloon” Pokemon. It sings an intoxicating melody to soothe its foes when its large eyes are lit up. It uses its captivating eyes to seduce its enemy. The foe is then lulled to sleep by the soothing melody it sings. The large round eyes of the creature captivate and it sings a relaxing melody. Pokemon falling asleep when they hear this song. It can sing a lullaby if it is inflated. This will allow it to perform for longer periods of time and induce sleepiness. Its round, cute eyes cause it to relax and sing soothing melodies, which induces sleep in its adversaries. As it sings, its adorable eyes roll. Anyone who listens to its gentle songs will fall asleep. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alfonso Molina)
  • This is a very cute, fat and adorable ass. (in Community Dictionary, added by Solomon Moore)
  • An inflatable round Pokemon. With its round eyes and soothing music, Jigglypuff will lure enemies to it. It puffs out into an unusually large size when it is angry. Its body is quite elastic. When exposed to the Moon Stone, Jigglypuff transforms into a Wigglytuff. An Igglybuff is formed when two Jigglypuffs, or Wigglytuffs, mate. This is the Evolution Chain. Igglybuff Jigglypuff Wigglytuff Jigglypuff, a Normal-Type Pokémon, is not the best option, even if Wigglytuff. Jigglypuff is known as Purin in Japan, which has an enormous fanbase. It is even a Super Smash Brothers character. (in Community Dictionary, added by Laylah Riley)