jiffy pop means: Jiffy Pop Pop, v. i. imp. p. pop. vb. n. Popping. 1. Fucking someone using an earful of corn and butter as your lube. (in Community Dictionary, added by Elena King)

What else does jiffy pop mean?

  • The hairstyle is a large, balloon-like style that’s been tased and finished with several layers of hair spray. For outdoor activities and driving, a plastic raincoat or lightweight nyson scarf is required. Special neck support pillows are needed to raise one’s head above their sleep surface. Regular Saturday salon makesovers and hand-checks of the mirrors and finish integrity. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alisa Shannon)
  • Large pubic bush on woman. It is so big that her panties seem to appear to be rising, similar Jiffy Pop Pop Popcorn. (in Community Dictionary, added by Curtis Murray)