Jibbles means: Jibbles is the most crazy and funny person you don’t know. (in Community Dictionary, added by Sciomancy)

What else does Jibbles mean?

  • To over talk. Explanation of a topic to its utmost. Talks about Ecstasy could be considered “JIb”. Usually, meaningless gibberish like what I’m doing right now. (in Community Dictionary, added by Hassan Roy)
  • AKA ‘Fuckin Jibbles’. An extremely real, but fictitious character who constantly inserts his foot into it with bizarre quotes and requests. This is especially true when he’s under the influence of alcohol. Although ‘Jibbles” may not be noticed for long, he will often appear under your radar with obscure quotes and requests. However, when you least expect it or when it’s usually unanticipated, he will make a joke or perform an act that makes him ‘The Worst. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tomas Arias)