jexican cupcake facial means: The person will then sit on their stomachs, lift their head up and place the hostess cupcake cream filled preferredrably onto their anus. There are three options. If they don’t have a flyswatter, wealthy people can use it to smash the cupcakes until the contents reach the end of their anus. This technique is very effective if the cupcake’s creme-filled contents only enter the rectum. You will hear the “pop” sound if you are skilled at it. The next step is to apply a diligovibratorpenis and spear the cupcake through. Next, you will need to deep-shallow it so that the remaining cake pieces reach the face. For maximum pleasure, finish with a vigorous face rub. Optional: Yarmulke, Yarmulke, Pancho, Sombrero and pancho stacking. (in Community Dictionary, added by Demócrito Romero)