Jewery means: Jewery is when an entire group of sweats are intentionally made jewish. (in Community Dictionary, added by Valery Bowen)

What else does Jewery mean?

  • It is a combination of the words “jew” or “brewery”. A facility that makes liquor run by Jews. They will charge higher prices but blame inflation or high raw material prices. You do not even understand what inflation means, don’t you? (in Community Dictionary, added by Monserrat Shepherd)
  • Anything that is associated with Judaism or Jewish people, including any physical characteristics and worn items. Side locks, curls or very wavy hair; hooked noses; long, untrained beards with shorter hair, yamukas and darkened hair are all common jewish features. Available in grades from 16 karat to 24 karat. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cassandra Hall)