Jenna means: Bad ass chick. Beautiful, charming, funny, and with a wicked mind. She’s fierce, determined and will not compromise on her word. You should never mess with her. If you are able to become more than just friends with her then it is a great thing. Although she is picky about what she likes, she may also be a bit self-pitying. Jenna will be the woman for you. (in Community Dictionary, added by Úrsula Méndez)

What else does Jenna mean?

  • She is a kind, intelligent girl. She’s a complete tomboy, and is an amazing friend. You will always laugh at her oddest jokes. She is a great friend and you can trust her. Go find Jenna. (in Community Dictionary, added by Xavier Ferrer)
  • Jenna loves to eat. (in Community Dictionary, added by Suaveolent)
  • Person who has looked up their name. (in Community Dictionary, added by Oblectation)
  • Jenna is the girl that you can look at, and feel overwhelmed by her changing color eyes. Although she is shy when not around her, her confidence grows as you get to know her better. Jenna’s intelligence will amaze you, even though you may question some of her common sense. It’s easy to notice Jenna when you are in a group, and not because of her actions but her amazing beauty. You’ll find jokes she makes that match your sense of humor like no other person. Her sport is where she’s able to electrify crowds, which causes everyone’s attention to be drawn towards her. Her guy is always interesting to her. Jenna can make him think only about Jenna and it will be as if there is no girl like her. You can talk to Jenna and make everyone around her smile. Jenna is a wild and funny person who will make your life more interesting. Jenna can sometimes be hard on herself, but it’s because she only wants the best. Jenna is amazing, so don’t let her down if you are lucky enough to be one of them. (in Community Dictionary, added by Elvis Hale)
  • Jenna is an incredibly beautiful, fun-loving girl. Although she can sometimes be quirky and odd, her friends are a big fan. Sometimes she can be hard on herself and feels depressed a lot. She is always kind, helpful and passionate about the things she loves. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fabio Alonso)
  • This is a Danish gods origin. Can heal broken hearts with a smile, or by the sounds of a soft and genuine voice. Her passion is for adventure and music. Jenna is able to make any day extraordinary with just one word. (in Community Dictionary, added by Haylie Ryan)