Jawon means: My best friend and the most loyal boyfriend. (in Community Dictionary, added by Riley Gay)

What else does Jawon mean?

  • If a friend can’t be kind until girls are involved, then he is not real to his “friends”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Tucker Zhang)
  • Jawons are very athletic. A Jawon is shy. Although he is an excellent child, he can be a bit feisty. He’s very intelligent and loves to learn. He enjoys drawing and learning about animals. He loves an Alaskan Husky. He loves the color green. He is passionate about football and wants to be a part of the NFL. He enjoys working out and learning more about football. He enjoys running and getting ready for the track. He’s very funny and loves to laugh. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alexis Hodges)
  • 1. Rhinoceros 2. This is a biological cross of a Zebra and a Man; it’s a horrifying sight. (in Community Dictionary, added by Adyson Mcclure)
  • This is the Name of african orginal, and can be used both for males as well as females. It is a combination of beauty and mystic. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lilianna Ingram)