Javaism means: Full name The Temple of Javaism Java is the equivalent of Judaism. Javaism has a Savior, which is why it’s so different from Judaism. However, the above phrase remains true. The God of Javaism has three parts. Gosling Father-Lord Son – Josh Hennessey Spirit – Javas Christ The Javac God has many names. Dennis, a Bovellian, was the one who started this religion. Josh Hennessey is not the only one involved. Unidentified other being assisted in the construction of the religion, but is currently unknown. A Jav is a person who practice Javaism. Javaism is just emerging from its roots, but a conspiracy has already been formed. It is possible that a Bovellian could be using this as an enticement to gain world dominatoin. This rumor’s validity is not known. (in Community Dictionary, added by César Campos)