Jaspreet means: Jaspreet, who is from Sikhism’s warrior class, loves the god and does so by praising him. Jaspreet is a more difficult name to comprehend They are smart, intelligent, cool, funny and hilarious. They can instantly lift your mood and are reliable. They are great at creating strong relationships and love all people. (in Community Dictionary, added by Dominique Bishop)

What else does Jaspreet mean?

  • It is cool and means “one who praises the Lord”. It is punjabi, sikh and of the warrior class. Jaspreets tend to be attractive, enjoy partying, and want to learn how to become doctors. Basically, hot. (in Community Dictionary, added by Consuelo Peña)
  • A person who was calm and collected 99.99 percent of their time. He is very honorable. Although he may seem quiet, his sense of humor and style make him stand out. He is a true light for those around him. He is likely to be listening ToP or rap. Keep an eye on a Jaspreet who is a great friend. (in Community Dictionary, added by Felix Park)
  • The person who can speak up for the cause of justice. (in Community Dictionary, added by Mitchell Tapia)
  • Jaspreet’s amazing personality is a testament to her outgoing nature. One in a billion and an amazing luck charm. She is the most difficult of all glo-ups. She’s loyal, and she is a significant person to other people. She is not a simple person. Her friends are many and she has a large social circle. She is a comedian and knows how to make people smile. Although she can seem quiet, her secret talent is hidden. She cares deeply and will be there to help you. Two hours is enough for her to visit you. Jaspreets can be seductively charming. Her beauty is not easily shared with anyone. She can also be a fierce critic of anyone who isn’t up to her standards. (in Community Dictionary, added by Darien Dyer)
  • It means “one who praises the Lord”. It is punjabi, sikh and of the warrior class. Jaspreets tend to be attractive and party-loving. They are often called Hybrids because of their outrageous fashion sense. Hybrids blur distinctions between Indian and other ethnicities. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lino Gómez)