Janika means: Fine Girl with a good education and a love for music, books, movies, and literature. Metal is her favorite genre and she can talk for hours about Design. (in Community Dictionary, added by Malapropism)

What else does Janika mean?

  • Janika is one of the most beautiful names in all the world. Prince Philip will haunt anyone who claims otherwise. (in Community Dictionary, added by Pío Soto)
  • Janika is an extraordinary woman who seems to live longer than 24 hours a day. Janika loves people, and she enjoys spreading joy. Her slogan is: “If you don’t find the sun, be the sunshine.” And her success has proven her right. (in Community Dictionary, added by Omari Summers)
  • This girl is a complete package: caring about others, super kind. You have the look and know how to make a man. (in Community Dictionary, added by Danica Bruce)
  • One fine filipina ass broads comes with all the package: ass tits curves face, and sexii moves They git jockedby Playaz every day 2 They can easily make a boi on her Three filipina girls that have all a girl could ask for 4 Four janikas, who have smooth mocha-brown skin and are hott mamiiz, are 4 of the most popular janikas They have deep, dark brown eyes and a body made of cocacola. They know exactly how to get their man asking for more. (in Community Dictionary, added by Oriol Carrasco)
  • 1 fine ass filipina broads that comes with the whole package: ass,tits,face,lips,curves,eyes,and a man’s fantasies… They live in the ghetto, and are often git-joked by any man they pass. 2 A filipina girl that is easily sprung upon by a man He can’t imagine his life without her. 3 A broad with smooth, light-colored skin from the Philippines Deep brown eyes and a body made of cocacola, she knows how to make her boi gog for 4 more. (in Community Dictionary, added by Paula Rey)