Janie means: Hebrew: A gift from God. She’s a creative, expressive and kind girl. She is a great friend to many people. (in Community Dictionary, added by Erico Blesa)

What else does Janie mean?

  • Janie is a beautiful, intelligent, kind, and loving girl. She doesn’t think she has all the qualities she needs, but she does. Janie is too ideal for any man to be her. This makes it hard for Janie to meet the right guy. Janie is so kind and beautiful that it almost seems nothing is happening when you see her eyes. Janie has great morals, and she can deal with people who are not supportive of her. This makes it difficult for her to live a normal life and makes it hard on her friends. Janie will lend you your jacket and it will smell ten times more than it did when she got it. This is the perfect moment for Janie. She is absolutely beautiful and I wish there were a way to say how much he loves her. Janie has a beautiful smile that makes everyone around her happy. Janie has a great sense of humor and will be one of the most funny girls you ever meet. Janie is, in the end, the most perfect girl you’ll ever meet. You shouldn’t take her friendship lightly. Janie also has a child named Poncho. (in Community Dictionary, added by Eliseo Alonso)