Jani means: Jani is an amazing girl. She is slim and really thick. Jani can also be shy but she’s very funny. Jani is a wonderful person with many positive qualities. She is a loving and caring person. Her laughter can lighten up any room. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kiana Woodward)

What else does Jani mean?

  • She is the kind of girl that offers all and yet captures your attention with her eyes. Because of her positive personality, Jani can control the atmosphere. She radiates positivity and is able to change the mood. Jani can be someone that you want to help but ends up being there for you even when you don’t feel like it. Jani is an angel that you did not ask for but was given to you. Everybody needs Jani. But no one can have my “Jani.” (in Community Dictionary, added by Nia Mclaughlin)
  • Jani can be a very nice person, but can get really annoyed when he does not get his way. Jani is a tall guy who wants girls that are taller than him. That’s funny. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aaron Joyce)
  • Adjective Real, honest, real-to-life, family-oriented, and gives a lot to other people. (in Community Dictionary, added by Addison Wong)