jamie lee means: Jamielee is not your average girl. (in Community Dictionary, added by Moses Henson)

What else does jamie lee mean?

  • The act of going to the toilet is known as Jamie Lee Curtis. Based on her popularity as an Activia spokesperson, she encourages people to record themselves shitting after eating yogurt. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rachael Allen)
  • Jamie Lee, Jamie is a happy and healthy person. She cares more for her family and friends than she does herself. She enjoyed having fun and making everyone smile. Jamie Lee is a joy to be with. (in Community Dictionary, added by Kendrick Downs)
  • This is not for the weak of heart. She will turn blind men into poets with her smile. Jamie Lee is brave and sensitive. Although she has a lot of fight in her but she is also sweet and charming in many ways. She’ll be mean and feisty to you, but then she will send you your favourite gifts in a package the next day. People who know her will love that. Jamie also appears to like her alone. She enjoys being alone. In fact, she may even want it. She is willing to accept the challenges of life, even though it can seem hard. Perhaps she will then write poetry, take photos and play the guitar to deal with what she has been through. Perhaps she is even melancholic. She may have a hidden affinity for My Chemical Romance bands, but she probably won’t tell her friends, fearing being called Emo. But, who cares? We all sometimes get a bit emo on Thursdays. Sometimes, on Saturdays. Reflecting on all this might lead you to a realization about your own heart: that she would probably break yours before it ever breaks hers. It is possible that, despite all of this, you might still be open to taking a trip on this horrible ride blindfolded because it may be worthwhile. (in Community Dictionary, added by Ellis Castaneda)