jaint means: Jaints are someone who is attractive, charming, adorable, and sexy. This nickname is used by guys and girls to shout at each other. (in Community Dictionary, added by Parker Kennedy)

What else does jaint mean?

  • It can be used as either a noun and/or a verb. This is used to indicate a stupid nounadjective, or to declare that you are acting foolishly verb. (in Community Dictionary, added by Celso Ferrer)
  • 1. could be used to mean any place or anything. This word can be used to sweeten, jazz up or enhance any place or thing. You can use it multiple times in one sentance to demonstrate versatility and economics of your vocabulary. (in Community Dictionary, added by Heriberto Benítez)
  • The word that covers everything. Jaint is a word that encompasses everything. It was originally used to describe a noun (specifically a place). However, it has expanded its scope and now includes any word from the dictionary. The jaint has expanded beyond the meaning of the word “fuck” in that it can be used to replace any sentence with random words. (in Community Dictionary, added by Darian Simon)