jahnavi means: You will never forget this beautiful girl. Although she is a bit crazy, she is loyal, sweet, and kind. She is strong and independent, so you shouldn’t be afraid to speak up. You’ll be very lucky to have her as your partner. She is passionate about many things. She is both an angel and a goddess. (in Community Dictionary, added by Celia Ramos)

What else does jahnavi mean?

  • You will meet the most intelligent person you’ll ever know. Intelligent, smart, sophisticated and outgoing, she is a true gem. She has a mind beyond all comprehension. At any moment, she can surpass you. People think that she is crazy, dangerous and powerful. She’s a JAHNAVI. She is the most beautiful thing to have ever existed. Jahnavi is the best friend you can turn to for help. She’s also your most beautiful, sweetest and most hot girlfriend. Jahnavi is able to keep any relationship strong. Jahnavi’s confidence never falters and her generous spirit cannot be explained. Jahnavi, a divine masterpiece that God created to bring beauty into the world, is truly amazing. You will be surrounded by her love, and she will not let you go. She will be with you through thick and thin, tough and easy. You are lucky to know Jahnavis, or to be friends with one. (in Community Dictionary, added by Slapdash)