jack wad means: The same as calling someone a Jackass. People won’t hear the ass. You can get away without the curse. It’s still worse than being a jackass. This is mainly due to the inside joke. This meaning is only known by a small percentage of the population. (in Community Dictionary, added by HoiPolloi)

What else does jack wad mean?

  • Jack Wad can be used to refer to an uneducated, demented, or retard with absolutely no respect for other people. The term Jack Wad is used mainly to refer to a lawbreaker or another low-life drain on society. (in Community Dictionary, added by Brynn Mack)
  • Person who possesses both the characteristics of a Jack ass and Dick wad. A person who is ignorant or has an inept attitude. (in Community Dictionary, added by Miah Harrison)