Jack Cunt means: Jack Cunts are people who offer fuck all assistance, and they usually drink 5x more than their money or do an Adsy. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jenna Chavez)

What else does Jack Cunt mean?

  • This is the biggest ever cunt. (in Community Dictionary, added by BabychisVolvox)
  • A person who does ‘jackshit’ in a group environment can become a cunt, as the rest of the team must pull their weight and perform extra work. (in Community Dictionary, added by Anselmo Montero)
  • An “Jack Cunt”, on the other hand, is someone who acts selfishly and is unwilling to use their energy for a multi-person task. A Jack Cunt is someone who uses excuses to get around the requirements of the job. This usually results in them disappearing and then appearing again after they have completed the task. Jack Cunts always put their own interests first. (in Community Dictionary, added by Zeugma)