jabberjaw means: A person who refuses to talk, interrupts others or engages in any form of jabbing at a social event. (in Community Dictionary, added by Edmundo Soto)

What else does jabberjaw mean?

  • A man or woman who smacks another person with your erect choke, breaking his jawbone. (in Community Dictionary, added by Liduvina Garrido)
  • 1. A jabberjaw refers to someone who is never quiet. 2. A person who speaks too often, almost to the point that it becomes a nuisance. It’s also a 30-minute cartoon that Hanna Barbera created in 1970. This cartoon was once part of Saturday morning cartoons. The format and writing of the cartoon was very similar to those used by Josie and Josie and Pussycats. (in Community Dictionary, added by Orestes Navarro)
  • A person who buries their penis on an oral sex session. (in Community Dictionary, added by Cevesaile)