Itanimulli means: Itanimulli can be translated as the reverse of illuminati. If we enter itanimulli into the Google search, we will see that NSA is the satanic organisation. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jaylin Watkins)

What else does Itanimulli mean?

  • Illuminati written backwards. They oppose the Illuminati and have positive intentions. Their symbol is the Illuminati upside-down and blue. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aryanna Walsh)
  • SPEAK BACKWARDS THE WORD “ILLUMINATI” TYPE ITANIMULLIU INTO GOOGLE.. to see what happens. Welcoming to the National Security Agency – NSACSS United States National Security Agency National Security AgencyCentral Security Service Public Information. Careers – Mission – About NSA — Opportunities for You (in Community Dictionary, added by Soledad Gómez)