Isolation means: The most tedious thing about existence is isolation. Isolation is when you stay in your home to avoid catching a pandemic, such as COVID-19. Isolating is a good idea, though you may be FaceTiming or making TikToks with your toxic friends. (in Community Dictionary, added by Aimee Le)

What else does Isolation mean?

  • Poker: A technique where a player raises the bet of a weaker poker player, trying to play him head-to-head one on one. This makes it more expensive for other players to call. (in Community Dictionary, added by Marc Dalton)
  • Isolation from the outside world means being isolated from all human life to the point that it becomes madness Being in an environment that is full of people with high IQs. (in Community Dictionary, added by Scrotiform)
  • An iPod headset can cause a condition called “detachment” or “separation”. This is when the iPod’s volume is too high. (in Community Dictionary, added by Neil Gibson)
  • Isolation is the quality of or state of being isolated. (in AZ Dictionary)