islander means: Lesbian. This is a reference the island of Lesbos where Sappho lived. (in Community Dictionary, added by Julius Petty)

What else does islander mean?

  • You go to the toilet number 2, and you see the crap that builds up above the water, or forms an island. (in Community Dictionary, added by Madalyn Clayton)
  • Prince Edward Islander. They are all called ‘islanders’ by everyone except them. These humble people, who all work in tourism or are potato growers, have made Anne of Green Gables a modern goddess. The language spoken by Islanders is fairly standard, but with some peculiar variations. Proper pronunciations of words like “dad” and “bagel” are common. Also, they don’t know what a “backpack” or “knapsack” is. Instead, they prefer to refer to queer articles as “kitbags”. Fair enough, islanders that venture out from the Island make wonderful companions and are great people. Although they are a rare breed, they add value to Eastern Canada’s historically unmarried regions. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lilyana Gaines)
  • These people were from islands tribes. ex: philippines,indonesia,malaysia. – malayo-polynesian palauans,guamanians,etc – micronesians papuans,soloman islanders,etc – melanesians samoans,native hawaiians,tongans,etc – polynesians There are many places throughout the asia pacific, and even north america where island tribes were once present. (in Community Dictionary, added by Snollygoster)
  • A resident of an island. (in AZ Dictionary)