Islamorada means: This is one of America’s most popular tourist destinations. Locals spend their time in the area, drinking at bars, and then getting divorcing their wives. They end up only dating men from the next bar. Your parents may be real estate agents if they don’t have charter boat captains. Every family is connected in some way. You may be familiar with famous names such as Ross, Lindback and Eklund. There is only one school that’s worth visiting on the island. It is completely a joke. No mall is visible. It’s not a problem because all the residents end up using the same clothing that came from their homestead, which is where they can find good clothes. They should lower the drinking age to 13 12, as that is when local kids find beer and sometimes pot. Islamorada basically serves as a high school for drunken adults who spread rumors and get drunk. (in Community Dictionary, added by Lea Shields)