ishika singh means: Sweet, sweet and very sweet. She is a very special girl. She’d love to help even someone she doesn’t really care about. A girl that anyone can easily fall in love with. ishika singh is the ideal girl you can’t have but know you must because her husband is taking her. Ishika is the kind of girl you can chat to about anything with. Ishika is the kind of girl who texts back “khikhikhikhikhikhikhikhi”, to something adorable you said and then apologizes for doing something she shouldn’t have done. Even though she is approximately 500km away, ithika will make you laugh like an idiot. Ishika wouldn’t stress about things that she can control. She would perform well, but it wouldn’t be an ishika thing. Ishika could make you playlists and even write your night passages. Even though she can’t make it to the movies or vcs, you cannot help but love this sweet girl. Ishika singh is a wonderful woman, but you can’t have her. But if you do find one like ishika, you should keep your eyes on her. (in Community Dictionary, added by Fishwife)