Intumescent means: Heat exposure causes substances to swell, causing them to increase in volume but decrease in density. (in Community Dictionary, added by Alma Moran)

What else does Intumescent mean?

  • The swelling of substances due to heat, resulting in an increase in volume and decrease in density. Endothermic intumescents can be chemically bound with water and are therefore often endothermic. They are useful in gasketing, fireproofing, and firestopping applications. Intumescents can be affected by environmental factors like humidity. This could reduce their functionality or even cause them to stop working. DIBt approvals measure the intumescent’s ability to withstand various environmental conditions. Available in Canada and the USA, are approved DIBt firestops. DIBt approvals are only valid for a limited time. One must verify the expiry date printed on the back of each approval document. (in Community Dictionary, added by Raquel Giménez)