International Dibs Protocol means: International Dibs Protocol IDP’s main purpose is to avoid conflict between family and friends due to nearly equal claims to an item of value. Nearly all conflicts in history have been caused by two individuals wanting one thing. If two people are interested in the same thing using the IDP method, the person who calls “dibs first” will get it. It is deemed a tie if one person does not finish pronouncing “s” sounds before the other. In the event of a tie, all those who want that item must speak aloud between 1 and 10. If there is a tie, everyone who wanted the item must count aloud from 1 to 10. 1. It is a tie if two people reach ten simultaneously. The next tiebreaker is only for those who have tied. The person who finishes a full “10” less than the 2nd will be disqualified. 2. The person who bought the final round of alcohol in a bar or store wins if the two people tied are legal drinkers. 3. If there is a tie, the taller person wins. The next tiebreaker will be used if there’s no third party to decide or the height difference is less than 1 cm. 4. Rock-Paper Scissors will play, with the best 2 of 3, to avoid dumb luck. (in Community Dictionary, added by Angel Cannon)

What else does International Dibs Protocol mean?

  • PART 2 You cannot use the IDP if multiple persons have a near equal claim to something. A person cannot claim dibs on an object that another person owns. If he does not, dibs is null. A third party cannot call dibs on an object that was handed from one person or another. The object could be given to a person even if the recipient did not make it clear. If they do, dibs may be invalidated. Dibs are not valid if one party has a greater claim on the object. If the claim to an object is not significant and cannot be proved or is very minor, dibs will be accepted. If both parties agree to claim the object equally, they will move on to step 2. If there is no agreement, the object can be destroyed or left behind. The money will then be divided equally and sold. Or given to another person depending on the value of the object. SHOTGUN MODIFICATION The Shotgun Amendment refers to a particular type of dibs: the shotgun-seat of a vehicle. Shotgun is subject to slightly different rules. Who rides shotgun is up to the owner. Shotgun can only be called if a piece of the vehicle is visible from the place shotgun was called. Reflections, exhaust, or icicles that hang off the vehicle are not considered “parts of the vehicle”. (in Community Dictionary, added by Roque García)