ingenue means: Female characters in literature and drama. A sweet and beautiful young lady, even if she is somewhat foolish. She is often viewed as a small, meek mouse to modern eyes. In opera and musicals, the ingenue can be played by a lighter soprano. (in Community Dictionary, added by Biotaxy)

What else does ingenue mean?

  • She is a common character in literature, theatre, and opera. A young girl or woman, she is charmingly innocent and wholesome. She is very similar to the little girl next door. Her image is sweet, innocent, kind, gentle, graceful, charming, and virtuous. She’s often seen as naive. She may mistakenly believe she is the hero, and so is frequently the libertine. Due to her youthfulness and inexperience, she often lives with her parents. She often serves as the foil to the seductive, dangerously sexy femme fatale. She often gets involved in romantic subplots, most commonly with the boy next to her. The romance is usually innocent and gentle. In operas and musicals, the ingenue is usually played by a soprano lyric. (in Community Dictionary, added by Elliott Burgess)