influenza means: High ranking person who can influence people’s minds. Emphasizing on the influence of influential people. (in Community Dictionary, added by Roger Lowe)

What else does influenza mean?

  • Influenza is a common virus infection that can cause serious complications in elderly, chronically ill, or young people. It can even be fatal. Five Influenza Pandemics have been identified. 1889-1890 H2N2 Russian Strain or Asiatic Strain 1900 – H3N8 Strain 1918-1920 – H1N1 Spanish Strain 1957-1958 H2N2 Asian Strain 1968-1969 H3N2 Hong Kong Strain It is believed that the Spanish Pandemic caused more deaths than World War I. Bird Influenza or N5N1 Avian strains are rapidly spreading across countries. (in Community Dictionary, added by Clarence Hurst)
  • A contagious acute viral infection in which the body is infected with a virus. It causes inflammation of the airways and muscle pain. (in AZ Dictionary)
  • Any one of many viral infections in domestic and wild animals. Usually characterized by respiratory involvement, fever, or both. (in AZ Dictionary)