Inflatulation means: Flatulence is a sense of appreciation for good food. (in Community Dictionary, added by Xander Washington)

What else does Inflatulation mean?

  • To fall in love with someone so much that you feel like you can’t breathe. (in Community Dictionary, added by Jerimiah Pratt)
  • This is a translation of the English words infatuate and flatulate. A love affair with someone or something that causes you to gasp. (in Community Dictionary, added by Porfirio Soler)
  • As the Tantric act The act of injaculating a woman without using any semen. This saves the dignity of the Farters..only temporarily until you’re on a date, in church, or at a funeral..anywhere the loud noise and power accompanying flatulence can be disruptive and foul-smelling and there won’t be any question about where and who it is from. It is impossible to put it down on your dog. Inflatulation anxiety. (in Community Dictionary, added by Rigescent)