Indonesian Culture means: Southeast Asia’s country with a patriotic spirit that runs through all of its activities, big or small. Although Indonesians are racially, religiously and culturally diverse, they have an openness to it all and can live in peace and co-existence. Indonesians are open to welcoming foreigners with their best hospitality. They stare at them at first but smile back if they see you smiling. One of the most common gags in Indonesian culture involves hatred for our northern neighbour, Malaysia. Despite our being almost identical, both of us have been in diplomatic disputes, mostly with their side. Since the 1960s, threats of invading have been made many times. The most recent was when malaysia took some cultural objects from Indonesia as their own. However, it is often impossible to imagine and farfetched. Contrary to what many believe, Indonesian terrorists are mostly from Malaysia. However, Indonesia has never had a terrorist leader who was Indonesian. Malaysia is the best place to put blame if anyone does. However, corruption is rampant in the country. While it is now less prevalent at all levels of government, it is still a problem. Many times, death penalty promises are made and not kept. They usually claim that the cause is religious. That’s Indonesia. If you are looking for “Truly Asia”, then Indonesia is the place to go. Malaysia’s culture is a joke, trust me. (in Community Dictionary, added by London Cervantes)